Welcome to Education For Sustainable Living,

      Our vision is to encourage and increase environmental awareness and responsible environmental behavior through academic, social, community based, creative use of resources, and environmental education for all generations. We hope topromote the appreciation, understanding, skill development, motivation and commitment needed to help build a sustainable balance between education at all levels, management of natural resources, and socioeconomic conditions.

Mission Statement

    By inspiring learners in their quest for the knowledge, skills, and critically needed practices to understand the environmental stability, we plan to offer research-based programs for developing, implementation and evaluation for environmental education.
We plan to achieve this by offering expertise in developing appropriate and relevant educational programs, monitoring and evaluation strategies, and research based approaches through education for sustainability.

The approach

     Our approach is to link the learning process to the natural world around learners by planning, implementing and evaluating educational programs by encouraging learners in touch with the natural resources in their area. Our experts work with the schools as well as nature centers so that formal and non formal educators can experience the importance of multiple interactions of their learners with the natural world.
      Our focus is onbuilding community, academic or otherwise, that teaches respect for self, others and nature through educational programs. Development, planning and research goals of these plans are achieved through quality programs that include monitoring and evaluation of all learning activities.
We understand the meaning of each person and his/her unique contributions to society. Those contributions help understand perspectives of learners from diverse backgrounds that are related to race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, national origin, socio-economic status, religious affiliation, language, and heritage.  
      We provide expertise in planning new educational programs as well as developing the existing ones that cater to specific needs of your audiences. Formative and summative assessments form an integral part of any program and are always included in every program developed by us.


By nithya